Dimitra Skandali
Karang IIPulau R.A. with Karang II Pulau R.A.
detailPulau R.A. with Karang II
Karang IIPulau R.A. with Karang II
Pulau R.A.
Karang I with Pulau R.A.Karang I
detailFata MorganaPulau R.A. with Karang I & II
Pulau R.A. with Karang I
Pulau R.A. with Karang I & II
Fata Morgana Opening
"Fata Morgana" @Aggregate Space, Oakland, CA
Fata Morgana is a show with me and two amazing artists and friends Amelia Konow and Oliver Leach. We graduated together in 2013 from SFAI, and since then we have been looking for the right opportunity to put our works together in an immersive site specific installation, playing with space, (im)materials, illusions and senses. The right moment arrived and we are the luckiest people to present this piece in Aggregate Space Gallery in Oakland, an independent, artist-run exhibition and performance space dedicated to the exploration and presentation of innovative sculptural and new media works.

Dark water twisting from the depths of the sea of her memory; shimmering, swirling fortean anomalies in a clear blue sky: sun dogs, daylight constellations, ball lightning, and kaleidoscopic visions.

Fata Morgana is a complicated form of mirage that is seen in a narrow band where sea and sky meet. It is here, when the sun is just right, elaborate visual distortions appear. Aggregate Space Gallery presents this immersive sculpture, video, and experimental visual event, where illusory structures manifest themselves in projected images and altered light.

Duration of the show: 7 April - 6 May 2017

Dimensions of my piece "Pulau R.A with Karang I & II: 15 x 23.3 x 12.3 feet

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