Dimitra Skandali
"View Interrupted / Aegean Constellations" v.2
April 2013
Seaweed, Wires, Magnet, Radio Circuit, Drawing and Engraving on Wall

Ios, Sikinos, Folegandros are the three islands I see from my village Alyki, South-West of Paros (Cyclades, Greece).
Engraved wall drawings of the islands and marks of the depths of the Aegean Sea are taken from the maps my father uses to go fishing.
Seaweed and wire lines are coming out of the wall following the drawn and engraved lines and they are creating antennas "catching" radio signals, while they all begin and end to only one little magnet.
Viewers are able to interact with this piece touching the wires and making the signals change: with respect and tenderness.

February-April 2013
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