Dimitra Skandali
Mind the Void
October 2014
mixed media, sound
An excerpt from the mixed media sound performance by David Janesko, Heejin Jang and me. Mind the Void references a link between voices and assumes the role of an antenna that invites its listeners to absorb its signals and send them back. David's sounds are a combination of the local radio stations, radio signals generated by the electronics and the absorption effects of the people present in the room and touching the sculpture. Heejin's performance addresses a moment when the countless struggle to establish a sense of connectedness eventually transforms into a monster that overwhelms the physicality of life.

The actual 00:38' sound piece (http://dimitraskandali.com/artwork/3634700_Mind_the_Void.html) was part of a mixed media installation, which went on every 30' and it was on view at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts from October 16, 2014 until January 10, 2015. It includes both the above performances manipulated by me, as well as Heejin and me carrying the metal nets (used for the installation) in the streets of San Francisco, giving a rhythm of the hard effort in order to keep the balance between the physicality and the chaotic networking in our emerging digital culture.
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