Artworks > "Fata Morgana" @Aggregate Space, Oakland, CA

acrylic on wall, site specific drawing, contemporary drawing, Dimitra Skandali, Aggregate Space Gallery, Bay Area art, seaweed, sea grass, found strings, Indonesian monofilament, sound installation, embroidered sea grass, embroidering
Pulau R.A. with Karang I and Karang II
acrylic on wall, embroidered sea grass on shimmering fabric, suspended sea grass, found strings & Indonesian monofilament, 2HD videos, mylar, fan, sound and cushions
15 x 23.3 x 12.3 feet
April 2017

Drawings (on wall and fabrics) are inspired by older drawings of mine, photos of corals from my trip to Indonesia, and from the works of Amelia Konow and Oliver Leach.
Photo by Amelia Konow and Oliver Leach