Artworks > "now the weakening shadow remains and its cracked confidence…" @ProArts Gallery, Oakland (a quote from”Orientations” by Odysseas Elytis, translated from Greek by Nikos Sarris & Jeffrey Carson)

"now the weakening shadow remains and its cracked confidence…"
July 2016

Quoted from ProArts website:

"Dimitra Skandali presents a site-specific installation of found, natural and manmade materials exploring the desire for connectivity, the fragility of networks and the effects of displacement in relationship to the body.

For this installation at Pro Arts, Skandali has added sound elements to further activate the gallery space and immerse visitors in a sensory experience. By contrasting the fragility and physicality of the material with a cacophony of violent and shifting sounds, Skandali’s intricate web becomes susceptible to outside forces and dependent on its interconnectivity for survival. This push-pull relationship between audio and raw materials references contemporary experiences of displacement in connection to the instability of current global political, social, economic, and cultural climates.

Skandali’s installation of intertwining and diverging lines simultaneously recognizes our diversity of networks, pasts and origins, while also calls to our basic human desire to connect to our environment and to one another."