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A video from the show "In The Stillness Between Two Waves of the Sea"* @Durden and Ray, Los Angeles, CA

*From the poem
Little Gidding by T.S. Eliot
June 2018

Curated by Alison Woods and Dimitra Skandali, June 2-29, 2018

Artists include: Natasa Biza, Kio Griffith, Nancy Ivanhoe, Dimitris Katsoudas, Despina Nissiriou, Aliki Pappa, Ty Pownall, Nikos Sepetzoglou, Fran Siegel, Dimitra Skandali, Valerie Wilcox, and Alison Woods.

“In the Stillness Between Two Waves of the Sea”* is the first exchange between artists from Greece and California, creating a dialogue between these seemingly disparate cultures. Like a cartography of places and approaches, this exhibition maps points of coexistence among chaotic global politics.

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