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A video from the show "A heap of broken images where the sun beats" * @The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts, Paros, Greece.

*quote from T.S.Eliot's Wasteland.
September 2018

Curated by Alison Woods and Dimitra Skandali

Artists include: Carlos Beltran Arechiga, Anastasios Babatzias, Jorin Bossen, Gul Cagin, Jennifer Celio, Foteini Diella, Dani Dodge, Kio Griffith, Jenny Hager, Dimitris Katsoudas, David Leapman, Alanna Marcelletti, Stella Meletopoulou, Aliki Pappa, Despina Nissiriou, Max Presneill, Nikos Sepetzoglou, Fran Siegel, Dimitra Skandali, David Spanbock, Eleni Tziortzi, Elli Velliou, and Alison Woods.

“A heap of broken images where the sun beats” is the second exchange between artists from Greece and California, creating a dialogue between these seemingly disparate cultures.

“Broken images” is another way of expressing how the mind processes images as fragments pieced together to form an impression of reality consisting of our inner thoughts, emotions, and memories layered over an optic reality. “Where the sun beats” connects the two locations of Los Angeles, California and Paros, Greece.

Special thanks to John and Jane Pack of the The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts for generously allowing us to use their beautiful building for this project.

Please, read the following article (in Greek), if you want:

Run of the show: September 9-23, 2018