Artworks > "Any courage is a fear" @Dafni Psychiatric Hospital, Athens, Greece

..Any courage is a fear...
dried and fresh plants, sea grass, copper wire, water, mylar, fan, two single-channel video projections with sound, dimensions variable

The installation ...Any courage is a fear..., 2022, with a title that comes from a poem of E.E.Cummings (1894-1962), is an immersive environment surveying the oppositions between the imbalances of the outside world and the potential tranquility that can be achieved through esoteric processes. War, conflict and environmental degradation are some of today's traits that the artist wishes to expel from our life. Employing materials that channel undisturbed peacefulness and serenity, she proposes a new space of rumination and equilibrium. This is her own domain that she gracefully shares and invites us to be a part of and re-construct a new -sturdier- inner fortress. Reverberating positive frequencies, Skandali's work is a poetic take of our actuality suggestive of the universality of humanity and the re-establishment of our higher self.

Text: Kostas Prapoglou
Filmmaking and Editing: Konstantinos Mavris