Dimitra Skandali
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"6885 miles" @ the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, CA
"The ICA is honored to present NextNewCA, an exhibition that marks the debut of the brightest new talent on California’s contemporary art scene. The show features a sampling of works by 2012 and 2013 graduates from 11 MFA programs across the state including University of Southern California (USC), San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), California College of the Arts (CCA), Claremont Graduate University (CGU), Mills College (Mills), California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), San Francisco State University (SFSU), San Jose State University (SJSU), University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC), University of California Berkeley, and Stanford University". San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose.

Very proud to be one of them, I created an installation made entirely of seaweed, in the ICA’s Cardinale Project Room. The title 6885 Miles represents the distance from Paros to San Francisco: countless hours, countless strings (more than 1000), countless knots (more than 6000), and priceless time with friends helping me by tying the seaweed. Special thanks to all of them and especially to Helen.

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