Dimitra Skandali
"enfolding""enfolding" detailenfolding, 2014 
the makingMake Space @ Berkeley Art Center
"enfolding" detail"enfolding" detail"enfolding" with the work of Erik Richard Parra 
"enfolding""enfolding" with the work or Nancy Ivanhoe"enfolding" with the works of Randy Dixon, Tressa Pack, and Nancy Ivanhoe"enfolding"
"Sun Traces"
"Sun Traces"
"enfolding" for "Make Space" @ Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA
My piece is made from found natural, man-made elements, and sounds harvested from around the exhibition space. A scattered nest is created. The viewer becomes part of a conversation between the architecture and nature around it—an inverted outside/inside in a constant dialogue. Each element is unique and reveals its singularity.

From Berkeley Art Center's website:

This show challenges artists to re-contextualize their art practice within the walls of the Berkeley Art Center; an art space like no other in the Bay Area.

BAC executive director, Aimee Le Duc notes, “The artists in Make Space are confronting architecture as both subject and object. They will incorporate Berkeley Art Center into their installations and work – including both the interior and exterior spaces of the gallery. The exhibition is an experiment to test how physical space informs art practice.”

Other participating artists in Make Space: Randy Dixon, Nancy Ivanhoe, Tressa Pack, and Erik Parra.

You can read more information here: http://www.berkeleyartcenter.org/make-space-1:
and also read / see more images of the show at Oakland Art Enthusiast's review: http://oaklandartenthusiast.com/2014/09/17/make-space-at-berkeley-art-center/

Courtesy of the artist, Don Soker Contemporary Art, and Berkeley Art Center.

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