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"Meltemia and other stories"@Don Soker Contemporary Art, San Francisco, CA
My first solo show with Don Soker Contemporary Art, in San Francisco, CA.

Meltemia and other stories is an attempt to share feelings of comfort and adventure, of migration and returns to small coves to rest and feel protected. "Meltemia” refers to north periodical winds of the Aegean Sea in Greece. They appear every year and they can be very strong during the day but often die down at night. Although they are ideal winds for sailing if they are smooth, they can be very dangerous when they are strong with lots of trash washed out at the seashores.

Don Soker Contemporary Art is transformed into a homey haven, welcoming me back from my trip to Paros, my home island. My aim here is to share the above feelings as reminders of our passerby nature and of the certainty that everything, hard times and good times, moves into circles. Most importantly a reminder that what always saves us is to stick to one another and to what we love, no matter the odds.

Please, see photos of the opening at the following link, thanks to Artbusiness.com: http://www.artbusiness.com/1open/120316.html

Duration of the show: December 3, 2016 - January 7, 2017.

For any inquires, please contact Don Soker: donsoker@yahoo.com
2180 BRYANT STREET STE.205, SAN FRANCISCO CA 94110 | 415.291.0966

Gallery website: donsokergallery.com

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